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Fireside bellows in pippy oak have such character in the knotted wood, and each is unique.  The generous ‘lung’ of soft green leather works perfectly with the cat’s paws oak.  Although there are lots of interesting little knots, the finish on the bellows is smooth.

Pippy oak, sometimes called ‘cat’s paw’ oak, is so named because of the frequent small knots and knot clusters which pepper the wood.  English forests produce the finest pippy oak in the world. The open nature of our woodlands, hedgerows and parks allows easy light penetration which encourages ‘epicormic growth’ on the main trunks of the trees. These growths, which look like tumours on the outside, can sometimes consume the whole trunk, creating one big ball of burr. The growths penetrate deep into the heart wood of the tree and when cut perpendicularly to the direction of travel, they appear as cat’s paws or patches of burr on the board.  [Thank you to Vastern Timber – my favourite timber mill!]

Each bellows is crafted from locally sourced timber that is inspected and selected for its grain, knots or characteristics that make the finished product unique.  Some time goes into sanding and shaping – particularly to make sure that the handles are smooth, comfortable and provide the perfect feel from the very first time you pick them up.

The leather is supple but strong to give your bellows great ‘lungs’, as well as providing the covering over a double hinge to ensure the strength of the bellows for years to come.  The nozzle, designed by Anne and engineered locally, is made to focus the flow of air just where you need it.

The bellows are balanced and comfortable to hold as well as being very practical and useful.

Approximate size: 58cm x 18cm – 23″ x 7″. Weight: approx. 1.4kg

Courier delivery to mainland UK is included in the price.  For delivery outside mainland UK please contact us.

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